MIT Technology Review, Leadership Summit – 1.11.2019

Invited Talk: A Practical Guide to Integrating AI Ethics from Design to Deployment

About the event:

“The Summit presents a carefully curated analysis of cutting-edge technologies and then dives deeper to distill the impact for decision-makers. Participants will discover how the latest developments in AI, cloud, 5G, blockchain, quantum computing, and others are unlocking next-wave commercial opportunities.”

Istanbul, Smartcon Summit – 1.10.2019

Invited Talk: Integrating Ethics into AI R&D

About the event:

“smartcon is the leading summit series which supports businesses to comprehend & utilize data-driven strategies and keep up-to-date on emerging technologies with their business applications

Innovative use cases including telecom, banking, government sectors
Predominantly includes International high profile speakers who are the leaders in their fields where they shape their respective industries.
Ensures balanced participation from business and technology worlds”

Berlin, IFA+ Summit – 8–9.9.2019

Invited Talk & Panel (September 8):

Ethical AI: Everyone Wants It, No One Has It

Technology that Serves Society – The Ethical Foundations of the Data Age (Panel)

About the event:

“The IFA⁺ Summit is IFA’s think tank dedicated to our digital future. Each year the convention gathers leading thinkers, global trendsetters and creative visionaries who draw inspiration for the next exponential technologies and share their thoughts on the upcoming decade. The IFA⁺ Summit 2019 stands for new visions, disruptive ideas and inspiring entertainment for a data-scripted world.”

Workinton + AI Ethics Lab Collaboration – 31.7.2019

Talk & Panel: Ethical Design in New Technologies / Yeni Teknolojilerde Etik Dizayn

“Son yıllarda, Yapay Zekâ alanında “etik” sorular büyük ağırlık kazandı. Artık sadece teknoloji devi şirketler değil Start-up’lar da proje ve girişimlerinde etik soruları göz önüne alıyorlar. Teknolojinin gelişmesiyle birlikte akademi ve endüstride karşımıza çıkan “yapay zekâ etiği” üzerine çalışan dünyada öncü inisiyatiflerden Boston/İstanbul merkezli AI Ethics Lab’ın kurucusu Cansu Canca ile Workinton olarak gerçekleştireceğimiz iş birliklerini konuşuyor, İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi ve IBM’den değerli misafirlerimiz ile akademi ve endüstri alanlarında etik soruların geleceğini tartışıyoruz.”

Studio-X, Bang. Prix – 14–29.6.2019

Invited Panel (June 26): Artificial Intelligence + Ethics

About bang. Prix:

“bang. Prix program is organized by ArtBizTech and curated by Esra Özkan. It aims to inspire innovative business and technology ideas and support young people from different disciplines such as fine arts, engineering, design and genetics who combine science and technology with artistic perspectives.”

Harvard University, SciTech DiploHub – 31.5.2019

Invited Panel: Artificial Intelligence: Impact and Future Prospects

About the event:

“Barcelona Innovation Day, the largest display to date of Barcelona’s knowledge ecosystem abroad powered by SciTech DiploHub with the collaboration of Harvard Kennedy School, the Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to the US, ACCIÓ and Biocat.

This event will bring together the most relevant stakeholders from academia, startups, industry, and public institutions from Barcelona and Boston to strengthen relationships between both ecosystems, promote the excellence of their research institutions and companies, and showcase best practices in science, technology and innovation, particularly in the fields of life sciences and AI.”

Harvard University, Public Safety Summit – 12-14.4.2019

Invited Talk: Artificial Intelligence – the Potential in Policing and the Ethical Questions (April 14)

About the summit:

“Around the globe, progressive public safety leaders are moving the needle on innovation – they’re designing new policing services, building new digital operating models, and fostering new organizational cultures. Yet amidst all the innovation and change one element is imperative: Solid results require leaders to sustain transformation.”

SUNY Oneonta, 24th Undergraduate Philosophy Conference – 12-13.4.2019

Invited Keynote: IRBs for AI: An Unintelligent Choice (April 13)

About the conference:

SUNY Oneonta Philosophy Department hosts one of the longest running undergraduate philosophy conferences in the United States.For one weekend in April, students from around the U.S. and from outside of the U.S. meet to present and discuss their research in all areas of philosophy.

Illinois Institute of Technology, Informed Experiences+Designing Consent – 6.4.2019

Talk: Consent in AI-Coaches

About the event:

“Designs, whether implicitly or explicitly, cite core values that drive their development and marketing. Efficiency and profit are two common principles that push design.Informed Experiences, Designing Consent offers a space to consider centering consent as a core value of design. We invite creative individuals, researchers, ethicists, and designers, especially those with burning questions, critical theories, and insightful projects about design practices and consent.”

Dubai, World Data Science Forum – 24-25.3.2019

Invited Talks:
AI Ethics 101 (March 24)
Integrating Ethics into the AI R&D (March 25)

About the event:

“The World Data Science Forum is [bitgrit’s] effort to foster a culture of open communication and provide a glimpse into the diversity that can be found in the world of data science. This conference-style event brings together speakers spanning across a wealth of different backgrounds to share their insights on the use of data science in the world – coming from the worlds of not only industry and academia, but also local data science movements and more.”

Harvard Business School, Digital Transformation Summit – 28.2.2019

Invited Keynote: Integrating Ethics into AI Research and Development

About the event:

“The aim of Digital Transformation Summit is simple: to help leaders gain new and informed perspective on the intersection of technology and business. This year, we focus on AI, ethics, and the implications for business decision makers.”

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, NETSA Summit – 24.2.2019

Panel: The Future of AI


This event will bring together speakers who are internationally acknowledged due their innovations, initiatives, and new approaches in their respective fields. The event will be composed of 5 sessions.
Speakers include Canan Dağdeviren (MIT), Cansu Canca (AI Ethics Lab), Cüneyt Özdemir (CNN), Erdoğan Çeşmeli (IBM Watson), and Gökhan Hotamışlıgil (Harvard).

TEID, Ethics and Law of AI – 26.12.2018

Invited Talk: AI Ethics – The Basics: What? Why? How?
Popular culture often directs our attention to a future with evil robots and AI that ends the world. But AI systems are already part of our everyday lives and they bring plenty of ethical questions with them. In this talk, organized by Turkish Ethics and Reputation Society (TEID), Cansu Canca (AI Ethics Lab) and Burcu Tuzcu Esin (Moroglu Arseven) will explore the ethical and legal questions in relation to AI systems that we face here and now.