MMA Global, Smarties NEXT! Conference – 11.12.2023

. Invited Talk: NEXT! in Ethical Future Shaping the Future ResponsiblyABOUT THE TALK:‘In this enlightening session, Dr. Cansu Canca, founder and director of AI Ethics Lab, will delve into the ethical considerations crucial for responsible future shaping. Gain insights into […]

27th Annual Thomas Pitts Lectureship in Medical Ethics – 19.2.2021

“The Thomas A. Pitts Lectureship in Medical Ethics is an educational series in biomedical
ethics that brings together a group of scholars each year to explore a particular area of biomedical ethics and health policy.
The 27th Annual Lectureship addresses ‘Artificial Intelligence in Health Care: Ethical Implications’.”

Applause, Webinar – 30.7.2020

“In this webinar, Cansu Canca (Founder & Director of AI Ethics Lab) and Laura Haaber Ihle (Associate Research Fellow at AI Ethics Lab & Harvard University) discuss biases in AI, the importance of tackling them, and how to do so in the best possible way.”

Women Leading in AI, Global Conversation – 21.7.2020

“A global conversation on governance, ethics, and regulations around AI. It is crucial we engage in this conversation now in the transition to post-Covid emergency world, where automation and digitisation have been / are progressing at rocket speed.”

Harvard Global Health Institute + MIT Critical Data, Data Science & AI Summit for Health – 7.7.2020 🎥

[ 🎥 = video available ]
“In many countries around the world, COVID-related restrictions put in place to curb the spread of the virus are now being lifted. For policymakers, innovators, and researchers who quickly leveraged digital tools and AI as part of the acute response, this could mean re-thinking and pivoting priorities. As the world transitions to the next phase of response and beyond, the question remains: what is the role of digital tools and AI in a post-pandemic world?”

Colombia Association of Radiology, Academic Sessions – 24.6.2020

As AI technologies increasingly become a part of healthcare in general and radiology in particular, ethical decisions embedded into these technologies become crucial. In this talk, we will explore the ethical risks in research and development of AI technologies and how these risks can be addressed throughout the innovation process using examples within radiology.

Science of Intelligence & Present Futures Forum, Berlin – 23.6.2020

“The panel will discuss how AI can be used to predict future behavior and how to identify and address ethical and moral conundrums. Examples for how this technology is already being applied range from AI-based sentencing, policing, determination of insurance rates, conducting of job interviews etc. Whose responsibility is it to assess the social and societal impact of these applications? At what point do ethics come into play? Do they ever? If so, what are some of the concerns? Will ethics help, or do we need regulation and legal frameworks?”

Inventures Canada, Unbound – 4.6.2020

“In the fight against COVID-19, decision-makers need accurate real-time data and information to understand and anticipate where it spreads, the demand on health and care services, and building a strategy to safely end social distancing. This panel will discuss the ethical issues in pandemic preparedness and response focused on data and information.”

CITI Program, Webinar – 26.5.2020

“The increasing interest in research involving artificial intelligence (AI) adds a new dimension to individuals who work with human subjects and those responsible for human subject protections. This webinar explores the current protections, regulatory elements and ethics tools associated with protecting human subjects in light of AI research, including a discussion of their current limitations.”

Hult Business School, Webinar – 26.5.2020

How should the future’s business leaders think about the ethical questions that arise in AI technologies?
What does AI ethics mean? How does AI ethics become relevant to the businesses and products?
In this webinar, we discuss and find answers to these questions with use-cases, hands-on exercises, and philosophical tools.

All Tech is Human, Livestream – 16.4.2020 🎥

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, various technological tools are explored. One of them is digital contact tracing. Contact tracing applications raise various questions about their technology, ethics, and implementation.
All Tech is Human brings together experts in the field to discuss and debate:
Should contact tracing be mandatory?
How do we balance our civil liberties with a demand for collective action?

MEF University, Istanbul – 27.2.2020

How should the future’s developers, data scientists, and business leaders think about the ethical questions that arise in AI technologies? What does AI ethics mean? How does it become relevant to our lives and to what we create? How can we create better technologies for the betterment of the society?
These are some of the questions we discuss in this seminar.

TEDxCambridge – 20.11.2019

TEDxCambridge Salon: AI Ethics & Civil Liberties

How should we deal with ethical issues related to AI? What is the impact of AI systems on civil liberties? These are the focus on TEDxCambridge Salon in November.

2 speakers, 2 aspects of AI and society. Join the speakers, Cansu Canca from AI Ethics Lab and Kade Crockford from ACLU, and the moderator Karen Hao from MIT Technology Review on November 20th in Boston.