AI Ethics Lab aims to detect and solve ethical issues in building and using AI systems to enhance technology development.

A pioneer in the field, AI Ethics Lab became active in 2017 and developed its PiE (puzzle-solving in ethics) Model, a unique approach in the industry to integrate ethics solutions into the innovation process.

The Lab has 2 areas of focus: CONSULTING and RESEARCH.



In consulting, the Lab utilizes the PiE Model to fully integrate ethics into the development and deployment of AI technologies. The model’s components are customized in order to meet the needs of the organization. To help organization create ethical technologies,

  • we assess organizational ethical readiness and risks and design a roadmap for integrating ethics (see our ROADMAP service);
  • we analyze projects and products to find solutions for complex ethical problems (see our ANALYSIS services);
  • we construct organizational strategy to determine organizational ethical stance and operating procedures for recurrent and future ethical questions (see our STRATEGY services);
  • we train the creators to be the “first-responders” to ethical issues (see our TRAINING services).

Learn more about our model here and contact us to discuss how your organization can benefit from it.


In research, the Lab functions as an independent center where multidisciplinary teams of philosophers, computer scientists, legal scholars, and other experts focus on analyzing ethical issues related to AI systems. Our teams work on various projects ranging from research ethics in AI to global guidelines in AI ethics.

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