Harvard Business School, Digital Transformation Summit – 28.2.2019


Invited Keynote: Integrating Ethics into AI Research and Development


About the event:

“The aim of Digital Transformation Summit is simple: to help leaders gain new and informed perspective on the intersection of technology and business.

This year, we focus on AI, ethics, and the implications for business decision makers.

While the benefits of AI can reduce costs and improve efficiency and even accuracy, many AI tools lack transparency and have inherent biases. So where does this leave business leaders facing unknown consequences? In order to evaluate opportunities and risks, you will likely rely on experts that sit at the intersection of several fields. We’re here to connect you.



Join students, scholars, practitioners, and alumni in this open event to dig deeper on a topic that impacts current and future business leaders.”


Date and time: 28 February 2019, 4–7 pm

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