Kocaeli University, IT Fest – 7.11.2018

Invited Talk: AI and Ethical Design
Recently, we hear about AI and ethics very often. But what do these terms really mean? What is AI ethics and roboethics? In which areas of life, do we already face the issues in AI ethics? What types of ethical problems should we expect to see in the future? From risk assessment tools and text analytics systems to visual recognition system, from the ‘fake news’ problem to the chatbots, ethical issues arise in a great range of AI systems. In this talk, we go through the basics of AI ethics. We use sample cases to flesh out underlying ethical dilemmas.

AI LA, AI and Society – 25.10.2018

Panel: Bias, Ethics, and Safety

“As Artificial Intelligence (AI) begins to percolate into our everyday lives, we must take a step back to think about the effects of such technologies on our lives.

How does AI embody our value system?
Whose interests are advanced by an AI system?
Do AI systems learn humanly intuitive correlations? If not, can we contest the system?

We aim to explore these pressing normative questions to deep dive into AI + Society. Specifically, we will discuss the questions AI raises regarding bias, ethics, and privacy, and we will explore what a fair, accountable, and transparent AI system looks like.”

London, Re-Work Deep Learning Summit – 20-21.9.2018

Mapping Workshop: Biases in Image Search Results (September 20)
Panel: Ethically Handling Data – What is Your Responsibility and What Should be the Next Step? (September 21)
“The Mapping workshop, run by Cansu Canca and Laura Haaber Ihle looked at how we can structure ethical problems at hand, delving into the underlying principles before attempting to solve the issues at hand. The engaging workshop involved attendee collaboration and assessment of practical implementation methods, gradually working toward the creation of practical solutions.” (@Re-Work Blog)

Boston, Re-Work Deep Learning Summit – 24-25.5.2018

Panel: Is the Biggest Challenge Facing AI an Ethical One? (May 24)
Panel: How to Balance Ethics and Efficiency When Applying AI in Healthcare (May 25)
“At the Re-Work Deep Learning Summit in Boston today, a panel of ethicists and engineers discussed some of the biggest challenges facing artificial intelligence: algorithmic biases, ethics in AI, and whether the tools to create AI should be made widely available.” (@VentureBeat)

Ozyegin University, Law Faculty Conference – 23.2.2018

Invited Talk: AI Ethics
We hear about AI and ethics. But what do these terms really mean? What is AI ethics and roboethics? In which areas of life, do we already face the issues in AI ethics? What types of ethical problems should we expect to see in the future? In this lecture, we go through the basics of AI ethics. We use sample cases to flesh out underlying ethical dilemmas and briefly go over some basic ethical theories and concepts to have an understanding of ethics tools that we can use when faced with such dilemmas. While explaining the useful approaches in ethics analysis, we will also discuss some of the ‘wrong’ approaches to solve ethical dilemmas.

Istanbul Bar Association, Health Technologies Conference – 14.2.2018

Invited Talk: AI Ethics in Health Technologies

We see more and more technologies using AI systems to become a part of healthcare and health-related products. The trend shows that use of such technology will be even more common place in the near future. While the benefits of these technologies are undisputable, they also open the door to unethical uses. In this talk, we go through several examples of AI technologies that show great success in healthcare and promotion of healthy lifestyle. While explaining how such technologies benefit people and even help solve existing ethical issues, we also stop to discuss their possible and probable unethical uses.

TRAI, AI Summit – 14.2.2018

Invited Talk: AI and Ethics
“Cansu Canca (AI Ethics Lab) and Timur Sırt (Sabah newspaper) conducted an engaging discussion on the ethics of artificial intelligence. In this interactive session, a number of existing and fictional ethics problems in AI were mentioned. It was emphasized that law is not equal to ethics. Where the main question in law is “how should we regulate X?”, ethics focuses on the question of “what is the right action/regulation”. Several examples were provided ranging from credit scores in the field of finance and gender biased targeted advertisements in the field of trade to the problem of unemployment in the field of production. The presentation was concluded with the claim that it is up to us to ensure that the artificial intelligence is beneficial for every group in the society.”

NYU-UAEU, 3rd Joint Symposium on Social Robotics – 4-7.2.2018

Talk: IRBs for AI: An Unintelligent Choice (Feb. 7)
“United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) and New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) have joined forces in organizing the “3rd Joint UAE Symposium on Social Robotics” (JSSR2018) as part of “Innovation Month 2018”. This event features a multidisciplinary program that brings together renowned developers, roboticists, and social scientists from across the globe to discuss the state of the art in social robotics. Join the multi-site event, be part of the group of experts, share your research, check out new robot technology, and discuss the latest innovations in the field.”

TRAI Meet-Up – 17.1.2018

Talk: AI Ethics and Health
AI technologies are present in various areas of healthcare and health-related developments. These technologies are expected to get better and bigger, playing a crucial role in protecting and promoting our health and well-being. Use of AI systems in a wide range of health-related technologies from diagnostics and treatment to preventive and predictive medicine does and will have great positive effects on human well-being. However, if left unchecked, these technologies do and are expected to cause harm through unethical uses. In this talk, we map out the uses of AI systems in health-related areas and the ethical issues that we face.

Zagreb Applied Ethics Conference: The Ethics of Robotics and AI – 5-7.6.2017

Talk: RECs for AI: An Unintelligent Choice (June 6)
“Zagreb Applied Ethics Conference 2017: The Ethics of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence aims to gather philosophers and scholars from other disciplines who will present papers on various ethical aspects of robotics and artificial intelligence (e.g. industrial, military, medical and healthcare robots, robots in entertainment, robots as personal companions, the moral status of robots and AI, artificial moral agents, responsibilities for the design and functioning of robots and AI systems, the impact of robotics and AI on human society).”