Illinois Institute of Technology, Informed Experiences+Designing Consent – 6.4.2019


Talk: Consent in AI-Coaches


Health, wellness, and lifestyle technologies that are designed for personal use (also known as, ‘AI-coaches’) are increasingly using two systems: personalization and nudging. The idea behind this trend is first to allow users customize their app and then let the app nudge them for their desired behavior. Ethically and legally, this combination relies strongly on informed consent. However, this also presents a particularly difficult technological setting that makes true informed consent difficult to obtain.


About the event:

“Designs, whether implicitly or explicitly, cite core values that drive their development and marketing. Efficiency and profit are two common principles that push design.

Informed Experiences, Designing Consent offers a space to consider centering consent as a core value of design. We invite creative individuals, researchers, ethicists, and designers, especially those with burning questions, critical theories, and insightful projects about design practices and consent.


This symposium will use a “Learn, Make, Reflect” Model to interrogate the intersections of consent and design of interactive media and technologies. Here, we use panels, workshops, and discussion for attendees to prototype designs that center on consent and iterate on this process. We will provide simple prototyping materials for groups to collaborate on exploring the intersections of theory and practice in our maker-sessions.”


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Date and time: 6 April 2019, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm


Read more about the event and what has happened, here!



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