Ethical issues arise in every stage of innovation: research, design, development, manufacturing, deployment, and even updating. Often these issues are complex ethical puzzles that require detailed analyses to find solutions. Our aim is to solve these ethical puzzles early on before they spill over to the next stage. Doing so not only helps finetune the technology for the better but also avoid wasting resources and public scandals.

Our AI ETHICS ANALYSIS service consists of the following independent components:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of the product / project using our tool, the Box to explicate all ethical risks and opportunities in relation to the technology, the domain, and the society [required]
  • Defining ethical options and actions in given ethical dilemmas in relation to the product / project
  • Collaborative ethical puzzle-solving sessions with ethics experts joining developers or managers to create novel solutions
  • Dedicated UX sessions to identify ethical puzzles that arise from the product
  • Advisory / mentorship sessions for developers and executives to address ethical questions in relation to the product / project
  • Dedicated sessions for developers and/or deployers to ensure responsible hand-over and deployment of AI systems 

AI Ethics Lab’s analyses are collaborative. Our ethics experts do not come in to ‘police’ developers and researchers. We join in to help create better technologies.



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