Berlin, IFA+ Summit – 8–9.9.2019


Invited Talk & Panel (September 8):


Ethical AI: Everyone Wants It, No One Has It


Technology that Serves Society – The Ethical Foundations of the Data Age (Panel)


About the event:

“The IFA⁺ Summit is IFA’s think tank dedicated to our digital future. Each year the convention gathers leading thinkers, global trendsetters and creative visionaries who draw inspiration for the next exponential technologies and share their thoughts on the upcoming decade. The IFA⁺ Summit 2019 stands for new visions, disruptive ideas and inspiring entertainment for a data-scripted world.

The convention is host to more than 550 international experts and leading professionals. Spend two exciting days at the convention and meet scientists, artists, developers, researchers and digital pioneers within your field. Join one of the most valuable conferences of the year at IFA in Berlin.




More and more we live in a scripted world that is generated, driven and governed by data. Algorithms scan data from a variety of sources in search of patterns that reveal something about our future selves.

From various angles this year’s IFA+ Summit will scrutinize today´s comprehensive datafication and will anticipate future results – the good and the potentially bad, that are ahead of us.”


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