How skilled is your organization in detecting and proactively dealing with ethical issues and concerns that arise in building and using AI technologies?

What are your company’s most pressing ethics needs, your highest ethical risks, and your long-term goals?

Each organization is unique. We dive deep and learn about the organization’s culture, governance, and work in order to assess its strengths and its weaknesses in implementing ethical AI.

Our AI ETHICS ROADMAP provides organizational assessment for ethical readiness through;

  • Evaluation of the organization’s ethics governance, procedures, workflow, and existing guidelines to determine its needs for AI ETHICS STRATEGY 
  • Assessment of ongoing and upcoming projects and products to determine its needs for AI ETHICS ANALYSIS
  • Evaluation of organizational culture and skills to determine its needs for AI ETHICS TRAINING for executives, developers, and deployers of AI technologies

We design an action-plan to help your organization prioritize its AI ethics efforts and determine the next steps to upskill the organization’s ethical readiness.

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