Organizations need an ethics strategy for dealing with overarching, recurrent, and complex ethics problems. Instead of starting from scratch each time and finding ad-hoc solutions, we create an AI ethics governance structure with operational procedures, guiding materials, and designated teams and individuals for ethical decision-making.

Any organization committed to developing and/or using AI technologies has to put in place a comprehensive, efficient, forward looking, and sustainable framework for AI ethics. We help you achieve this through our STRATEGY service.

Our process of setting up the organizational ethics AI ETHICS STRATEGY Our process of setting up the organizational ethics AI ETHICS STRATEGY focuses on 3 P’s: Playbook, Process, People. These consist of;

  • Explicating the core ethical questions and risks that the organization faces
  • Identifying organizational values and priorities
  • Deriving organizational ethics principles and designing systematic processes for operationalizing them
  • Creating procedures for recording previous ethics decisions and utilize them as precedents
  • Putting together use-cases that are domain specific
  • Designating and training ethics staff  (i.e., ethics team leads, ethics officers, ethics team)
  • Setting up an ethics strategy board to ensure a dynamic ethics strategy responsive to organizational needs

A clearly defined STRATEGY justifies the organization’s ethical position and help guide the project teams, the leadership, and the ethics analysts going forward.


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