Creators, leaders, and deployers of AI technologies each have to engage with ethical decision-making in their respective tasks. Providing the necessary skills and tools to each group and connecting their expertise to ethical decision-making fully transforms the organization’s ethics capability.

In building AI technologies, creators are in a unique position to be effective “first responders” for catching ethical problems. In leading organization that build or use AI systems, executives and managers have to engage in the ethical aspect of their business. And in integrating AI technologies to their everyday jobs, deployers have to navigate the tools and their ethical aspects.

Our customized  AI ETHICS TRAININGS provide skills and tools for

  • Understanding core ethical frameworks and their application
  • Recognizing the types of ethical issues that arise in developing and deploying AI systems
  • Learning the landscape of ethics for specific domains and technologies
  • Detecting and navigating ethical risks
  • Connecting ethical skills with practitioners’ own expertise to enhance their work in AI

Our training programs include interactive ethical problem-solving workshops, sector and technology specific seminars, and structured discussion sessions.

For some of our publicly available work, see our seminars and workshops (including our Mapping workshop and our Box tool).


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