Studio-X, Bang. Prix – 14–29.6.2019


Invited Panel (June 26): Artificial Intelligence + Ethics


About bang. Prix:

bang. Prix program is organized by ArtBizTech and curated by Esra Özkan. It aims to inspire innovative business and technology ideas and support young people from different disciplines such as fine arts, engineering, design and genetics who combine science and technology with artistic perspectives.


bang. Prix 2019 determines the lines of an experimental effort. It deals with the logical form of the language as put forth by Wittgenstein combining it in a new setup. It moves away from normative rules as it follows the manifestation of its own reality. Each artist’s authentic language focuses on the reality as well as the universe they imagine. At this point, artists create an organic language in their own spheres and in their own software, while focusing on their own worlds and transforming the unknown into the known. The language is a metaphor in the exhibition.”


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