Whether it is a tech company building AI systems, an incubator for start-ups, or a police department or hospital using AI technologies, leadership in organizations building or deploying AI systems is often unfamiliar with the ethical landscape that they are walking into. This exposes them to unexpected ethics and business risks. In an effort to take precautions, leaders often go for well-known but ineffective models to have ethics as an add on. Such models fail in operationalizing ethics and alienate creators with yet another system of policing. We offer something better: a model for integrated ethics problem-solving that enhances technology through ethics ROADMAP, ethics STRATEGY, ethics ANALYSIS, and ethics TRAINING.



Do you know the ethics risks and ethics needs of your organization?

How do you plan to transform your organization from having sporadic ethics concerns to having capacity to solve ethics problems efficiently?

What needs and capabilities should you prioritize as you move your organization towards ethics readiness?

We assess your organization for its ethics problem-solving capacities and design a roadmap that matches your needs and priorities. Learn more about our ROADMAP services.



What are the ethics issues that arise repeatedly?

What procedures does your organization have in place to anticipate and deal with these recurrent ethics questions?

What are your organization’s ethical commitments and how do you ensure that the everyday decisions reflect these ethical commitments?

With an ethics strategy, we help equip the organization to reduce its ethics risks systematically. Learn more about our STRATEGY services.



What ethical risks does the project have?

What are some solutions that can be devised for these ethical issues?

What ethical concerns arise during research, development, design, and deployment of the product?

Complex ethics problems require expert analysis. Learn more about our ANALYSIS services.



How prepared are the creators and managers of your organization in detecting ethics problems?

What skills and tools can they use to eliminate some of these ethical issues without letting them carry over to the next stages of innovation?

How do they approach an ethical issue and how do they decide when it’s time to call an ethics expert for in-depth analysis of the problem?

Through customized trainings, we help creators and managers efficiently and proactively respond to ethical issues. Learn more about our TRAINING services.



To request an assessment of your company / organization and discuss our SERVICES, please contact us at contact@aiethicslab.com.




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