How skilled is your organization in detecting and proactively dealing with ethical issues and concerns that arise in building and using AI technologies?

What are your company’s most pressing ethics needs and your highest ethical risks?

Each organization is unique. We need to learn about your organization’s culture, structure, and work in order to assess its strengths and its weaknesses. Once we complete our assessment, we help you set your priorities and create an efficient and effective roadmap to equip your organization for ethical problem-solving.

Our ROADMAP determines

  • which on-going and future projects and products need ethical ANALYSIS to reduce their ethics risks and to enhance their quality;
  • how to build your organizational ethics STRATEGY for proactively dealing with new ethical questions; and
  • what types of TRAININGS are needed to equip the creators and the management to detect and address ethical issues effectively before they turn into major problems.





Ethical issues arise in every stage of innovation: research, design, development, manufacturing, deployment, and even updating. Often these issues are complex ethical puzzles that require detailed analyses to find solutions. Our aim is to solve these ethical puzzles early on before we proceed to the next stage. Doing so not only helps finetune the technology for the better but also avoid wasted resources and public scandals.

How do we do that?

  • FULL ANALYSIS: Ethics experts join the project from the beginning, starting their analysis with ethical risks and weaknesses of the project and continuing to respond arising ethical issues as the R&D progresses. Advancing with the project, full ethics analysis prepares the team for ethical issues before they arise and help them respond these issues effectively.
  • NARROW ANALYSIS: Ethics experts step in to analyze specific ethical concerns related to the product or the project.
  • MENTORSHIP (both for full and narrow analyses): During analysis periods, ethics experts are available for PiE sessions, answering ethics questions and concerns and helping to work out ethical problems.

AI Ethics Lab’s analyses are collaborative. Our ethics experts do not come in to police developers and researchers. We join in to help create better technologies.




Organizations need an ethics strategy for dealing with overarching, recurrent, and complex ethics problems. Instead of starting from scratch each time they face these ethical problems, we create operational procedures for ethical decision-making. We identify the value trade-offs, determine precedents, and systemize the ethical decision-making process that is in line with organization’s values.

In setting up the organizational ethics STRATEGY, we help

  • explicate the core ethical questions and risks that the organization faces,
  • define organizational values and priorities,
  • derive organizational ethics principles and design systematic processes for operationalizing them, and
  • set up an ethics strategy board to ensure a dynamic ethics strategy responsive to organizational needs.

Clearly defined ethics strategy justifies the organization’s ethical position and help guide the project teams, the leadership, and the ethics analysts going forward.





In building AI systems, creators (i.e., developers, engineers, designers, and researchers) are well positioned to catch ethical problems. We recognize creators’ unique position to be effective “first responders” for ethical problems. Through our trainings, we provide them with skills and tools for detecting, flagging, and, if possible, eliminating ethical issues that they encounter as they work through a project.

Our interactive and customized trainings provide creators with skills and tools to

  • understand the ethical concerns around the technologies that they are developing,
  • recognize how these ethical issues materialize in practice,
  • systemize the connections and conflicts between these ethical concerns, and
  • analytically work out solutions for ethical puzzles they face with.

Our training programs include interactive ethical problem-solving workshops, sector and technology specific seminars, and structured discussion sessions.

For some of our publicly available work, see our seminars and workshops (including our Mapping workshop).


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