How skilled is your organization in detecting and proactively dealing with ethical risks that arise in building and using AI technologies? How about seizing the ethics opportunities that AI technologies offer to meet your users’ and society’s ethical needs and demands?

What are your company’s most pressing ethics needs and your highest ethical risks? What are the ethics advantages that your company is missing?

Each organization is unique. We need to learn about your organization’s culture, structure, and work in order to assess its strengths and its weaknesses. Once we complete our assessment, we help you set your priorities and create an efficient and effective roadmap to equip your organization for ethical puzzle-solving.

Our ROADMAP determines

  • which on-going and future projects and products need ethical ANALYSIS to reduce their ethics risks and detect their ethics opportunities to enhance their quality;
  • how to build your organizational ethics STRATEGY for proactively dealing with new ethical questions; and
  • what types of TRAININGS are needed to equip the creators and the management to detect and address ethics risks and opportunities effectively before they turn into major problems or missed chances.


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