In building AI systems, creators (i.e., developers, engineers, designers, and researchers) are well positioned to catch ethical problems. We recognize creators’ unique position to be effective “first responders” for ethical problems. Through our trainings, we provide them with skills and tools for detecting, flagging, and, if possible, eliminating ethical issues that they encounter as they work through a project.

Our interactive and customized trainings provide creators with skills and tools to

  • understand the ethical concerns around the technologies that they are developing,
  • recognize how these ethical issues materialize in practice,
  • systemize the connections and conflicts between these ethical concerns, and
  • analytically work out solutions for ethical puzzles they face with.

Our training programs include interactive ethical problem-solving workshops, sector and technology specific seminars, and structured discussion sessions.

For some of our publicly available work, see our seminars and workshops (including our Mapping workshop and our Box tool).


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