AI Ethics Lab brings together researchers and practitioners from various disciplines to detect and solve issues related to ethical design in AI. Through collaboration between computer scientists, practicing lawyers and legal scholars, and philosophers, the Lab offers a comprehensive approach to ethical design of AI-related technology. Our goal is to enhance technology development by integrating ethics from the earliest stages of design and development for the mutual benefit of industry and communities. Our work aims to provide ethics guidance to researchers, developers, and legislators.

We are currently based in Boston (USA) and Istanbul (Turkey).




What We Do


Training and Consulting:

AI Ethics Lab provides customized training and consulting in AI ethics for researchers and practitioners in the industry. Our programs include interactive problem-solving workshops, consulting on projects, mentoring for researchers, and seminars and workshops to share the relevant, sector-specific information in AI ethics. Contact us for detailed information.



Our workshops focus on various domains of AI technology and the relevant ethical issues that arise. Workshops are designed for target groups ranging from students to researchers and practitioners. We also hold Mapping workshops—a method we developed at the AI Ethics Lab.



AI Ethics Lab participates in industry summits, academic conferences, and departmental seminars.


Working Groups:

Our working groups focus on specific technology or policy questions in AI, evaluating their ethical implications and proposing solutions for ethical design. Outputs are in the form of reports to industry and academic papers.

Please contact us for further information on our on-going projects, to join them, or to send us a project-proposal.



When and Why

Because ethics is at the heart of future AI and robotics technology…

  • from the earliest stages of research, design, and development in industry or in academia
  • to collaborate for ethical design of new technology
  • to put together an ethical framework for technology development
  • to understand the issues that we will face in public debate and legislation
  • to sensitize your team to the ethics aspect of AI research, design, and development
  • to define the ethical target and mission of your product and of your team
  • and to join the conversation whether you are a fresh graduate, recognized scholar, or seasoned practitioner

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