Developers, designers, engineers, and researchers have to deal with multiple ethical issues and concerns related to AI technologies as they work through a project. These “creators” of AI technologies are often not provided with skills and tools to help them address arising ethical problems. That’s where we come in to help through ANALYSIS and TRAINING. Our goal is to help creators—in companies, start-ups, and research centers—enhance the technology that they are working on by solving these ethics puzzles and identifying ethics opportunities.



  • What ethical risks does the project have?
  • What are some solutions that can be devised for these ethical issues?
  • What ethical concerns arise during research, development, design, and deployment of the product?
  • What ethics opportunities does the project present?
  • What ethical needs and demands of users can be addressed through this product?

Complex ethics problems require expert analysis. Learn more about our ANALYSIS services.



  • As a creator, how do you detect ethics problems in a project or a product?
  • What skills and tools can you use to eliminate some of these ethical issues without letting them carry over to the next stages of innovation?
  • How do you approach an ethical issue and how do you decide when it’s time to call an ethics expert for in-depth analysis of the problem?

Through customized trainings, we help creators become efficient “first-responders” to ethical issues. Learn more about our TRAINING services.



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