MMA Global, Smarties NEXT! Conference – 11.12.2023


Invited Talk: NEXT! in Ethical Future

Shaping the Future Responsibly


‘In this enlightening session, Dr. Cansu Canca, founder and director of AI Ethics Lab, will delve into the ethical considerations crucial for responsible future shaping. Gain insights into the ethical challenges and opportunities presented by emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, and automation.

Discover practical frameworks for ethical decision-making and responsible innovation. Explore topics such as algorithmic bias, privacy, transparency, and accountability in the digital age.’




Invited Panel: NEXT! in AI Ethics and Law

Navigating Complexity


‘Explore the intricate world of AI ethics and law in the session “Next! AI Ethics and Law.” Join esteemed panelists, author and academician Özgür Mumcu, lawyer Özlem Sezgin Baysal, and consultant and academician Cansu Canca, as they delve into the evolving landscape of AI ethics and legal considerations.

Gain insights into the ethical implications of AI technologies, including privacy, bias, accountability, and transparency. Discover how AI ethics and law shape responsible AI development and deployment and explore the latest advancements in regulatory frameworks and ethical guidelines.

Engage in a stimulating dialogue as our panelists share their expertise, research, and experiences in navigating the complexities of AI ethics and law. Gain a deeper understanding of the ethical and legal considerations that underpin the responsible use of AI.’




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