CITI Program, Webinar – 26.5.2020


Webinar: AI & Human Subject Protections


“The increasing interest in research involving artificial intelligence (AI) adds a new dimension to individuals who work with human subjects and those responsible for human subject protections.

This webinar explores the current protections, regulatory elements and ethics tools associated with protecting human subjects in light of AI research, including a discussion of their current limitations. The webinar concludes with some suggestions regarding shaping policy of and providing education on AI research with human subjects.

Learning Objectives

  • Review the current regulatory framework for human subject protections and its applicability to research involving AI.
  • Identify existing protections, ethics tools, and their limitations for human subjects in AI research.
  • Describe approaches to shape policy and provide training on AI research that involves human subjects.

Presented by

Cansu Canca, Ph.D – AI Ethics Lab

Tamiko Eto, MS, CIP – Stanford Research Institute (SRI) International, Office of Research Integrity”


For more information and to watch the webinar, please click here and go to CITI Program website.


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