Science of Intelligence & Present Futures Forum, Berlin – 23.6.2020


Invited Panel: Predictive AI – Crystal ball to see the future or a threat to civil rights?


About the event:

“An interactive fishbowl discussion hosted by Science of Intelligence and the Present Futures Forum: You are invited to participate and take a seat on our virtual panel and engage with our discussants.

The panel will discuss how AI can be used to predict future behavior and how to identify and address ethical and moral conundrums. Examples for how this technology is already being applied range from AI-based sentencing, policing, determination of insurance rates, conducting of job interviews etc. Whose responsibility is it to assess the social and societal impact of these applications? At what point do ethics come into play? Do they ever? If so, what are some of the concerns? Will ethics help, or do we need regulation and legal frameworks?

What is a fishbowl? This interactive format breaks down the fourth wall between the audience and the panelists. Members of the audience can temporarily take a seat on the panel and discuss, at eye-level, with the featured experts. This being a virtual fishbowl, the moderator will facilitate the audience participation.

SciOI Panelists:

Dr. Rainer Mühlhoff, Philosophy, TU Berlin

Prof. Dr. John-Dylan Haynes, Computational Neuroscience, BCCN Berlin

Special Guest:

Dr. Cansu Canca, CEO and Founder, AI Ethics Lab, Boston USA


Dr. Gerrit Rößler, Present Futures Forum


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