Northeastern University, AI and Data Ethics Working Group – 15.11.2018


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About the “AI and Data Ethics Group”:


“The AI and Data Ethics Group provides faculty and students from all disciplines the opportunity to study and discuss emerging issues and current research related to information, data, computing and AI ethics. Topics, readings and speakers are decided upon by members of the group on an ongoing basis. Examples of topics include justice and fairness in machine learning, the form and extent of rights to information and technology access, the appropriate roles of institutions to prevent dissemination of misinformation, the responsible collection and sharing of data, AI research oversight models, and the moral status of artificial intelligences. The group also aims to encourage and develop information ethics research projects and collaborations by its members. Students and faculty from any discipline are encouraged to join. If you are interested in joining this group, or have any questions about it, inquiries should be directed to John Basl, Assistant Professor of Philosophy.”

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