The Mapping is a structured method for solving ethical questions in technology design. It is an interactive workshop that takes its starting point in the challenges that arise when technologies clash with our social world.

Through a game-like structure, the Mapping helps the players develop essential tools to think in depth about ethical problems, evaluate possible outcomes, and decide on ethically viable paths forward, without having to give up technical integrity.

Collaborating with each other, the players test the strength of their ideas and progress gradually towards creating solutions to real life problems that are both ethically justifiable and technically feasible. Rather than letting intuitive decision processes determine ethical standpoints, the Mapping engages the participants and enables them to bring abstract ethical arguments to the ground—in a very literal sense, since the Mapping takes the form of a physical ground game.

We created the Mapping workshop in several formats: 2-hour, 1-day, and 3-day workshops allow different levels of detail and varying amounts of time to work on the technical solutions for implementation.


Developed by: Laura Haaber Ihle and Cansu Canca


Click here to check out one of our Mapping workshops for more information and visuals.

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