Lab’s Work with Intenseye on the Ethics of their ‘AI for Workplace Safety’


AI Ethics Lab collaborated with Intenseye to evaluate and enhance the ethical aspects of their AI systems for workplace safety.

Intenseye’s vision falls within the interest of the Lab: Using AI systems to reduce harm and increase well-being of individuals. Their specific target is workplace safety.

Here’s Intenseye’s description of their mission:

“Intenseye is an AI-powered employee health and safety software platform that helps the world’s largest enterprises to scale employee health and safety across their facility footprints.

Using the latest breakthroughs in computer vision, Intenseye empowers health and safety teams to monitor their facilities 24/7, receive real-time violation notifications, and operationalize their rapid response procedures.

The human and economic cost of workplace injuries around the world is a staggering $250 billion per year. Every 7 seconds a worker is injured on the job. At Intenseye, we believe that the health and safety of workers is non-negotiable.” Intenseye

The question is how to achieve this mission ethically.

AI Ethics Lab utilized its tool, the Box, to evaluate Intenseye’s system using 3 core values and 18 instrumental principles, and offer guidance.

You can read our report below or download it here.

AIELab_Intenseye Ethics

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