Collaboration: AIship


AIship: New States of Being


A collaborative project by Harvard University and University of Montreal.

“Five bioethicists and five artists, paired in five duets, collaborated to build a common reflection on an AIship angle of their choice. The result of these exchanges is reflected in their respective productions. Thanks to these collaborations, their work represents a bigger whole than the sum of their perspective and their personal production.

All participants have unique expertise or demonstrate a keen interest in exploring the emotional dimensions and relationships of AI . Bioethicists are researchers working in the world’s leading universities on research into the societal and ethical problems of artificial intelligence. The artists, selected by the curator, are rising figures of contemporary art.

The knowledge mobilization and public engagement mechanism will take the form of a series of art / science exhibitions (in Montreal, Boston, and Europe) that will present the work of bioethicists and artists to incite the general public to think about the most pressing issues around AI in health.”


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