Laura Haaber Ihle, Ph.D.

Associate Researcher

Laura is an associate researcher at the Department of Philosophy at Harvard University and at the AI Ethics Lab. Her work is on tech governance and the ethics of AI, with a focus on the epistemic implications of emerging technologies in real-life. A central objective of her research is to establish what it takes to create strong and healthy knowledge environments online. The other central focal point of her work is designing tools and training in AI ethics for practitioners. She received her Ph.D. in 2020 in philosophy, economy and political science (summa cum Laude). Building on her theoretical foundation of applied ethics, social epistemology and political philosophy, her research scope ranges from theoretical questions related to ethical and epistemic implications of emerging technologies to practical ethical concerns related to the development, design, and use of specific AI products. In her work with the AI Ethics Lab, she also designed training modules for practitioners, incorporating gamification and design-thinking components. 

Laura has presented her work worldwide in academic and industry conferences and works with an extensive network of international partners. She has received numerous individual research grants and was nominated for the Italian Premio Spitali for best Ph.D. thesis, in 2021.

For more detailed information, see Laura’s LinkedIn page.